Russell Eaton Re-Opening For Business On 4th July

We’ve missed you and cannot wait to welcome you back! As we prepare to reopen safely in line with current Government guidelines, we’ve got a few important updates to let you know about ahead of your appointment. Please take a minute to read them!

The safety, security and wellbeing of our team and clients is our number one priority, which means that when we reopen, we will be implementing some new measures and safeguards for both our clients and the team. Here’s what you can expect:

🧹 We have completed a deep clean of both salons and made some changes to the layout to ensure social distancing can be observed.
📏  Styling sections have been separated and markings on the floor will assist with social distancing. Workstations will be assigned to one member of the team each day, with only alternate chairs being used.
💁‍♀️ Screens have been installed at reception and at our nail bars, to ensure that both you and the team are protected. 
⏱ Unfortunately, our waiting area will be closed so there is no issue with self-distancing – with this in mind, please arrive promptly for your appointment.
👥 We will limit and manage capacity in the salons to help support social distancing.
✋ Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the salons. Please use them when you arrive and as you move around the salon.
🧥 Our cloakroom will be available, however we ask that you bring as little as possible with you to your appointment.
😷 You will be issued with a facemask at the cloakroom on arrival. If you wish to bring your own PPE, we welcome this as it will help reduce waste and support our sustainability measures. All team members will also be wearing visors and gloves where necessary.
🧖‍♀️ During your appointment, you will be given either a freshly-laundered gown and towel (these will not be reused and will be laundered at 60°) or a fully compostable disposable gown.
✂️ We have always maintained stringent hygiene matters, but would like to assure you that now more than ever, each workstation will be cleansed thoroughly between clients, as will our hair tools.
💁‍♀️ You will be greeted by one of our front of house team when you arrive, who will guide you through the check-in process and answer any questions.
😷 Where possible, we ask that you come alone to your appointment in order to reduce numbers in the salon.
⏱ Please be on time for your appointment. We ask that you preferably do not come earlier and, likewise, if you are running late please contact the salon. This is because we cannot have congestion in the reception and salon. We may also be running late on occasion, and as our waiting area is closed we ask that you please bear with us if we ask you to come in 10 minutes later than your scheduled time.
📱In line with current guidelines, there will be no physical magazines in the salon. We have subscribed to an online magazine service, but we also invite you to bring along your smartphone/tablet.
🥤 We will be offering a limited selection of refreshments in disposable and biodegradable cups. 
💳 Your bill will, where possible, be settled before the completion of your services, to avoid congestion at the reception desk

● We politely request that you notify the salon at least 48 hours prior to your booking if you wish to cancel or reschedule. 

● If you are feeling unwell please do not attend your appointment.

● If you are over 65 or vulnerable, we will do our best to accommodate you with the first appointment in the morning, or last appointment in the evening wherever possible. If you wish to take advantage of this option, please make it clear to our receptionist when booking. 

We’re committed to helping you get back to your best as soon as we can, but together we need to be realistic! So, with that in mind…
➡️  As a substantial time has passed since your last appointment, please note that it may take more than one visit to get your desired colour results – particularly where there is substantial regrowth or home colour to work with.  
➡️  Please remember that we operate a no-judgement policy. Don’t be embarrassed about roots, regrowth or anything you’ve done at home with cuts or colours. It is better for us to be prepared and to know what has been done to the hair, so please just let us know. 

If you have any concerns regarding your hair and/or your appointment, please contact the salon either via telephone on 01226 244809 or 0113 2469162 or via email at salon.leeds@russelleatonhair.com.

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