Robert Eaton gives his lockdown hair hacks to try at home until salons reopen

Here are a few ideas on how to look after your hair at home…

Give you hair a rest – For many of our clients daily styling and blow-drying can have a very drying and damaging affect on your hair. Why not use this time to really give it a rest.
Think about using a treatment every few days and try the products you may have bought but never really had the time to use or try properly. Giving your hair a well-deserved pamper can help to revitalise not only your hair but also your scalp.

Experiment with your natural texture – Many people spend hours smoothing and straightening natural waves and curls away, now is the perfect opportunity to experiment with texture and styling your hair in new ways.
If you can create a great look with your natural movement and texture then do it, there has never been a better time to try a new style! Natural waves and curls are a big trend at the moment, so embrace it. You could always ask your stylist for help and advice on how to make the most of you natural hair. We are always happy to hear from clients, but even more so at the moment. So reach out to your stylist – it’s a great way to stay in touch and make the most of their expertise. 

How can I disguise my roots? –This can be a very frustrating problem for many people at the moment. My advice would always be to first ask your colourist for any tips or advice on what will work best for your individual hair type and style. After all they know your hair better than anyone.Root touch up cosmetic sprays, powder and mascara type brushes can be a great help. Products like Wella Colour Fresh can be great too as these are true semi-permeant colours that can match the in salon shade you may have at any Wella salon. They can blend grey hair and soften the root until you get chance to get back in to the salon. Always speak to your colourist if you are considering using any other products. With so many different types of products on the market it can be very confusing.  It is also worth bearing in mind that a quick home dye can take years to grow out and many visits to the salon to correct it if anything goes wrong.

We shared this statement with our clients as there has been so much talk recently in the media about home hair colour and dealing with those annoying roots!
Let’s talk about hair colour, we know the power of it!
So we also know that the thought of not knowing when you can get back in to the salon might be causing our clients some concern. We want to talk to you openly and honestly about home colour, the potential reactions it can cause and the unexpected, uneven results you might experience. 
It is possible to do many things to your hair at home, with such a huge range of products now accessible online the options are out there for everyone. We want to just take a minute to explain why, we as professional, highly trained colourists are so worried about clients taking this time to try out home colour. 
We have seen home colouring cause massive amounts of damage, which can take years to grow out. The chemicals used in hair colour can cause severe reactions on the scalp and to the hair texture itself, in the worst cases these can cause long lasting scars and irritation to the skin.
We know our clients completely understand that what our team offers is way above and beyond anything that can be achieved with a home colour. Box colours primarily just offer a cover all options, selecting the right tone to use and getting exactly the result you are looking for is very unlikely. 
Maybe stop and think for a moment if you’d rather work with the roots or an all over colour that’s not what you wanted. We are very aware that it might seem a tempting short term solution, so all we can say is if you are considering using any of these products think carefully about what you are doing and the look you are hoping to achieve.
If you are still considering it then please get it touch and talk it through with us, it’s so important to us that you have all the information before you do anything and we are more than happy to chat to you about it, we’ve got the time!
Your colourist knows your hair and will be able to give y
ou honest advice and guidance on the effects of a home colour, they will also have some great tips on disguising and working with your regrowth.

Work with your colour – can I return to their natural hair colour?This is definitely something for a colourist to help you with as the transition from built up colour can take many months and even years to grow out. It also really depends on what you are hoping to achieve – for example growing out colour to go grey/white or just back to your natural colour.

In salon services that can help include a colour cleansing/detox. This is where colour is gently removed from hair over what is usually a long salon appointment time followed by replacing it with a colour close to your natural colour.

You could also work from permanent colour to semi permanent colour so that eventually you have a much softer regrowth line. When going back to your natural colour that is now white or grey, it is important to think about colour placement.  We often use expertly placed highlights that tones to a pale ash shade to help blend the natural colour to the old colour you are wanting to remove/ grow out. 

Grey hair has never been more fashionable, with the Grombre trend – positively allowing your grey hair to flourish and become part of your style – now a global phenomenon.

Grombre – This is a community of women dedicated to celebrating the natural phenomenon of grey/silver/white hair on the everyday woman or man. This trend has been developing for a few years now and it is very much about embracing your greys, and really enhancing your natural colour. Age-inclusivity has finally blossomed in the beauty industry, which means individuals are not only dying their hair a fashion-forward silver, but are really working with and enhancing natural grey hairs too. This tends to work best when you have a strong placement of white or grey hair rather than just a sprinkling and it is very important to work with your colourist to try to get the hairline as light as your natural grey. You may also want to consider cutting your hair, the more existing colour that is cut out will expose the natural colour and grey

Some advice I would offer is to bear in mind all colour changes / corrections take time and are rarely achieved in one salon visit. When you see hair transformations on celebrities or on social media they are often create the impression that anything is possible, sometimes you have to be patient and grow colour out with time and care.

A final message: Support your salon, keep in touch with your stylist/colourist and help them bounce back when their business is open again. I promise you’ll be welcomed back without any sense of judgement or ‘hair shame’.


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