Nominate Your #HealthCareHero or #LocalLegend

Here at Russell Eaton, we are unbelievably proud and grateful to all of the the key workers and incredible NHS staff working tirelessly each day for our community and country during the coronavirus pandemic. 

We want to give something back and show our support and appreciation for the doctors, nurses and all the other NHS staff who are on the front line along with all key workers.

We would like you to nominate your #HealthCareHero or #LocalLegendsfor a bespoke makeover with us, once the salon doors are open again. 

As well as all the NHS staff and #HealthCareHeroes our giveaway includes #LocalLegends that you feel have done something special for your community during the coronavirus pandemic and deserves a treat. Whether that be your local teacher, farmer, neighbour, butcher, baker, a family member, the list is endless. Let us know their story as to why they are your #LocalLegend

To give your #HealthCareHero or #LocalLegends a chance to win simply send us an email to salon.leeds@russelleatonhair.com or visit our Facebook page www.russelleatonhair.com/russelleatonhair or our instagram page www.instagram.com/russelleatonhair with their name, what job they do and why you think they deserve a special treat.

 All our winners will be picked at random.

To all the NHS staff and their families: a heartfelt thank you from all the team at Russell Eaton 🌈💙

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