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Celebrating 40 years in the business

The Russell Eaton brand started from humble beginnings. It first opened its doors in 1978 in Barnsley, Yorkshire and has had a successful run in the last 40 years. The salon stood the test of time with its history and strong family heritage as its core in the last four decades. The Creative Director Robert Eaton is the Wella Professionals UK and Ireland Technical Director.

The family run business has also successfully expanded and opened a flagship salon in Leeds city centre. It grew to be recognised in the industry for their creativity and ground-breaking hairdressing. The multi-award-winning salon earned them awards such as Fellowship For British Hairdressing Salon Group of the Year 2017, English Hair And Beauty Awards, Salon Business, Hair Awards Best Regional Salon North 2016 and more.

Russell Eaton brand has truly made its mark on British hairdressing and as one of the hottest celebrity beauty hangouts in the north. It’s the ultimate destination to relax, rejuvenate and get pampered as clients do their nails and as well as get the best haircut, colour, and style by their creative, award-winning team.

It’s the place to get the ultimate hair and beauty experience.


Founder Russell Eaton says:

I am so proud of how far the Russell Eaton salons have come. Seeing my salons go from strength to strength has literally been a dream come true. To have my family working alongside me all the way has made the experience even better, more than I could ever hope for.”

Can you tell us about the Heritage of Russell Eaton Salon?
The sign of a great salon is one that has stood the test of time, and Russell Eaton salons have done just that. Steeped in history and with a strong family heritage at it’s core, the Russell Eaton brand has truly made its mark on British hairdressing over the last four decades. The last year was arguably one the most memorable as the brand celebrated 40 years in business.
The Russell Eaton brand began from humble beginnings and the first Russell Eaton salon opened its door in 1978 in Barnsley, Yorkshire. Over the next 30 years, the salon transitioned through several moves and expanded into bigger premises. Eventually in 2009 the Russell Eaton brand had become such a success with both customers and within the industry, the decision was made to open a new flagship salon in Leeds city centre.

The Russell Eaton team members have remained loyal to the salons, with many team members having grown up alongside the business, sharing and expanding its ever-growing success. At least two of the Barnsley salon team members have worked within the salon for over 30 years, while another four members have worked in the salon for a decade. However perhaps its greatest asset is the fact that their clients have remained loyal too. Many clients have been visiting the salon for decades and in some cases, families spanning three generations visit the salon. The Russell Eaton brand truly has family and tradition at its heart.

However, it is not just in Yorkshire that Russell Eaton is a renowned name, the salons have become recognised globally for their creativity and ground-breaking hairdressing.