2019 hair colour trends

The Wearable 2019 Hair Colour Trends You’re Going to Want to Try Immediately

2019 Hair colour trends

2019 is rolling around quicker than you can say fashion week and the trends are starting to already creep into our social feeds. As the brights of the summer fade out consumers are looking at a more parred back palette for the new year. Think muted metallics, and inviting rustic tones to enhance natural colours as we move into the new year! Zöe Irwin, Wella Professionals UK trend expert and Robert Eaton, the brand’s technical director spoke to us about what we can expect from the 2019 hair colour trends.

Futuristic Tones

Think… soft subtle metallics and shine

What Rob says… “This is a really exciting colour palette to work with as it is such a new and varied mixture of colours and tones to work with, it is possible to introduce this to many clients in different ways as we use so many different techniques. This might be fine hidden veils of tone that breaks through longer hair, or by layering the different tones over hair to give a new and unseen blend of colours that changes throughout visits to the salon.”

What Zöe says… “Futuristic Tones can be very soft and work incredibly well for clients who aren’t bold but want to try something different. I would recommend using this trend as a very soft global colour which is very flattering – if your client is a blonde, you can also work some highlights or balayage though the bottom to complement it.

I’d also do some lighter pieces around the hairline to give a very soft reflection. The great news is that these tones work well with both cool and warm skin tones.”

Amber Slate

Think… gorgeous autumnal tones, remixed.

What Rob says… “Yes they can work for most skin tones, and the mixture of cool and warm tones can mean it’s a great way of making these colours work for more people. I think that clients who generally opt for warmer hair tones will like this trend as it will make their hair cooler, and anyone with a more ashen hair tone will like how we can make this both warm and cool together.

The traditional copper colour can sometimes be too over powering for many people and this often only suits a pale skin tone, this new Amber slate tone offers a modern and fresh approach to warm hair.”

What Zöe says… “Amber Slate is actually a warm colour with some cool undertones so it means that you are really wide open to suitability on clients. The tone does have more of a golden glow, so for anyone with very yellow tones in the skin, I would stay away from anything too against the hairline. If someone has a warm skin tone, maybe an olive tone I would use placement of Amber Slate internally but on a base that is deeper. Where I think it works the best is on people with pale skin tones – it looks incredible!

It’s the most amazing tone to go with the 70’s palette of clothes that people are wearing and I really think this can be the most skin-enhancing tone to wear on the right person. It’s amazing how it brings out eye colour – from lavender blue to green and hazel but equally it’s a great palette for textured hair. I love its soft vibrancy and how it works in a subtle but powerful way. I’ve been working a lot with soft blonde and brunette tones and now this soft copper tone is in my view the modern sexy way to wear your hair colour.”

Check out the below video to see what happened to night that the trends were revealed…

Blog post from HJI by akesha / November 22, 2018

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