NEW ! The Latest Revolution In Hair Colour Technology

Get ready for a colour revolution


For well over a century, colour companies have been churning out the same salon formulas. It sounds crazy, but permanent colour in the twenty-first century has contained identical technologies, identical molecules and identical active ingredients (in the form of PPD and PTD) as those devised in the 1800s. For a while, it was a case of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, but despite refinements over the decades, the number of salon clients developing potentially serious allergies to PPD and PTD – both known sensitizers – has continued to rise.

After more than seven years of dedicated research, Wella Professionals has created a solution. Their patented scientific breakthrough, known as ME+TM, is a result of over 3,000 test formulations, and brings colouring bang up to date. It removes the need to rely on risky, antiquated formulas, and means clients are a staggering 60x less likely to develop a new allergy to hair colour.*


ME+TM, along with its partner innovation, Pure Balance TechnologyTM are exclusive to the new KOLESTON PERFECT line. In combination, they have more than 20 patents and are proven to deliver vibrant, rich colour with less damage, use after use.** The secret behind Pure Balance TechnologyTM’s effectiveness is its ability to minimise the formation of cell- damaging free radicals. It does so by deactivating small impurities in the hair – such as metals – and stops them

interfering with colour development and hair integrity. The result? Better balance of tone from root to tip, better control of depth and up to 100% grey coverage.**
The best bit is as colourists, you don’t need to change your process at all. There are no additives to factor in, no switches in technique required and no compromise on colour range. The new and improved KOLESTON PERFECT features the same mixing ratios, the same development time and the same grey coverage, with the added bonuses of easier mixing, more precise application and improved fragrance.

With naturals, brunettes, reds, blondes and a special mixing range included, new KOLESTON PERFECT is the overdue colour update your staff and clients have been waiting for. Upgrade your salon’s colour experience today by contacting your Wella Professionals representative or visiting www.wella.com.