Dianne Buswell goes to Great Lengths to get Ballroom Ready

Strictly Come Dancing Star, Dianne Buswell, looks more glamorous than ever, following a full head application of fiery red Great Lengths pre-bonded hair extensions.

Dianne attended Leeds based hair salon, Russell Eaton, to have her Great Lengths hair extensions applied for added length and volume. Stephanie Fielding, the Great Lengths Certified Extensionist who applied Dianne’s extensions, said: “Great Lengths pre-bonded hair extensions are perfect for Dianne. Great Lengths are ideal for adding more depth and vibrancy to Dianne’s fiery red colour, as well as giving her more volume and a bit more length. Due to her profession, her hair is continuously being styled and heat is applied 2 -3 times a day. The extensions also give a bit more protection to Dianne’s natural hair, acting like a mini barrier and minimalizing how much heat does come in to contact with her hair. 

Knowing Dianne has more confidence when her hair looks amazing is fantastic.  For me, there is no better feeling in the world than seeing an instant transformation with Great Lengths.”


Image of Dianne before Great Lengths

Established over 25 years ago, Great Lengths’ premium quality human hair extensions can now be found in over 60 countries across the world. The finished product is of the highest quality – available in a vast selection of glossy tones and lengths, and suitable for all hair types. Focusing on quality, all Great Lengths hair is 100% human and ethically sourced. 

An avid wearer of Great Lengths, Dianne spoke about how Great Lengths have answered all her hair needs. She said: “I have worn Great Lengths for quite a while now. They’re so easy to wear and style, plus I can never feel the bonds in my hair which has been a problem in the past with other hair extensions.

“Because I’m a professional dancer, I’m required to wear my hair in different styles for each show. Luckily, my Great Lengths don’t cause the stylists to struggle to create the requested looks, if anything, the extra hair helps!”

Speaking about her overall look, Dianne said: “I’m definitely a rock chick, hence the bright red hair. I’m naturally brunette, however, I feel my current hair colour reflects my personality and style best. People know me for my hair, therefore it’s extremely important to me. If my hair isn’t looking good, I don’t feel myself.”


Image of Dianne after having Great Lengths applied

With dancing comes a huge amount of styling. So, how does Dianne keep her hair in tiptop condition? She revealed: “The Great Lengths Medium Oval paddle brush! It’s amazing. Honestly, I can’t use anything else. The Medium Oval paddle brush helps keep my extensions in amazing condition.

Speaking about Dianne’s finished look, Louise Jenkins, Great Lengths Education and Creative Manager, said: “Dianne’s fiery red hair is so beautiful and daring, and her look is even more enhanced with Great Lengths which adds more depth to the colour as well as thickness and a little more length.  We offer a wide range of colours including 41 base shades, 22 fashion colour, and balayage and root stretch colours also. There really is a shade to suit everyone and as Great Lengths are 100% human hair they can be coloured as well.’

If you’re looking to add length and thickness like Dianne, Great Lengths pre-bonded hair extensions could be the perfect solution, lasting between 3-5 months following the correct maintenance and aftercare.

Call our salons in Leeds or Barnsley for a consultation on how our extension experts can enhance your hair in both length and thickness and with colour.


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