Grey Hair

Robert Eaton

Creative Director, Russell Eaton salons Leeds and Barnsley

Schwarzkopf Professional British Colour Technician of the Year 2016 & 2017

Do you find that more people are coming in asking for advice on how to grow out their natural grey hair?

This is definitely a service we have seen increasing in the salon. I think there is a strong trend with celebrities embracing their natural grey colour such as Helen Mirren and even male celebs such as George Clooney who are all proud to show their natural colouring. It’s become so popular that we now have a full range of Grey Hair Embracing and Enhancing services in our salon Colour Menu so that clients can see all their options on how to make the most of their natural grey colouring.

What do you recommend your clients do to make the transition?

Transitioning to your natural grey hue can seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be a dramatic overnight change. I suggest working with your colourist and opting for a grey camouflage service such as the Russell Eaton Deluxe Regrowth service. This technique involves your colourist applying colour to your hairline in a lighter shade to help disguise the re-growth line of your natural hair colour that has lost its pigment. 

This will help make the transition into the rest of your hair colour more seamless and natural. This can be continued until you’ve transitioned to a full head of your natural grey. There will be no appearances of any harsh re-growth lines throughout the process.

It’s key to know that it’s not just about the colour. Caring for natural grey or more mature hair can also be just as big a change for someone. As people age their hair tends to get thinner and finer. Due to the lessening of sebum production as you age the hair becomes more brittle, dry and frizzy as it doesn’t have the sebum as a smoothing agent. This results in it appearing and feeling coarser.

The best way to care for mature hair is to use quality, anti-ageing products such as anti-aging shampoo and conditioners to keep hair looking younger, and healthier. Leave in conditioners are also a great way to keep mature hair manageable by boost moisture levels to tackle the dryness and smooth out the frizz.


Technically there is no such thing as grey hair colour, it is white hair that has less melanin and lost its darker pigment. This gives the illusion of grey hair as the white hair is mixed with hair that has its natural shade.

You can get grey hairs from any age, even as early as your 20s.

Plucking a grey hair will not make more grow back. We have a lot of clients worry about this but it’s a myth.

People with dark hair don’t go grey faster than people lighter hair. It’s simply a matter of the white hair being more contrasting and obvious in darker hair than in lighter shades such as blonde.

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