Your hair colour expectations

At Russell Eaton we want all of our clients to achieve the very best from their hair colour experience and of course to ensure you love your hair and your new look from the minute you leave the salon to returning on your next visit. All of our team have been expertly trained to not only consider your hair texture and condition but to also consider your lifestyle, skin tone, eye colour and to ensure we create a bespoke colour service perfect for your needs and maintenance expectations.

This information is designed to help you understand how our colour team can help you create the perfect look, taking into careful consideration certain factors before making the decision to opt for the hair colour route and to achieve your desired look.


It is always important to realise that some colour looks require significant maintenance. Bright, vibrant colours can fade quickly and can require top up appointments more frequently than a 6 – 8 weeks colour visit. Various lighter and darker colours will give you a regrowth that will require maintenance appointments every 4 – 8 weeks.


Some colours are unfortunately un achievable in one visit to the salon and it may be that you have to visit several times over a period of time to build up to the required level of blonde or colour that you are wanting to see. There are lots of videos on the internet of transformations which appear to have been done in one appointment, this is not the case, most of these clients will have paid for a colourists attention for an entire day. Our team can work with you to create a dramatic colour change however it may require you to book a half or full day with one of our skilled technicians where they can work with you over different applications of colour until you reach your desired look. Half day rate – from £250, full day rate – from £500

Skin Tone and Eye Colour

Both of these features are a huge consideration for anyone thinking of having a colour service. Our team will guide you in the right direction to find a colour palette that is perfect for you, which will enhance your skin tone and eye colour.

Perfect Product

Finding the perfect colour product is essential and at Russell Eaton we have an extensive range and portfolio of colours perfectly designed to create the correct colour for you.

Skin Sensitivity and Hair Testing

This is an essential part of any hair colour experience at our Russell Eaton salons, we will advise you on any necessary tests, this may mean we have to re test you regularly even if you are an existing client. We appreciate this may seem frustrating at times however your safety and our duty of care to you is paramount and we want you to enjoy the very best hair colour service with the confidence that you are protected fully from any form of hair colour reaction or damage.

Instagram Ready Colour

We love to see clients selfies and understand we live in a world of social media however this can become difficult when working with hair colour as many images clients bring into the salon now are taken from the internet and social media sites such as Instagram, where filters have been applied to these images changing the hair colour and sometimes creating images that are totally unachievable. In fact many of these images are retouched and produce an unrealistic image of what can be created.

We ask our clients to be aware of this when considering the colour you would like to go for and be realistic with your expectations and what we and your hair texture is capable of. Lighting can play a big part in how hair colour can look, both daylight and artificial light can make your hair colour look different.

How You Wear Your Hair

This is another important consideration, many balayage looks are shown with waves and texture, this can make your hair colour look very different. Also consider that a look such as balayage or free hand colour can look very different when worn down, showing lots of blonde colour however when worn up much of this lighter colour can be hidden and very often you will feel more like a brunette than a blonde.

Why not take a look through our colour consultation book, this will guide you through everything you need to know when it comes to creating the perfect hair colour.


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