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An extreme hair transformation is a bold and empowering move. So what motivates us to make the change? We’ll talk to friends and be inspired by influencers, but ultimately there is one person who can convince us to say yes – our colourist. With Wella Professionals WELLAPLEX, bold changes are now possible with an exclusive technology that means you can now say yes to colour and no to compromise.

Being adventurous with our hair is not a decision we take lightly – Wella Professionals’ collective of stylists tell us that hair damage is the key concern of their client. In fact, today only 50% of women who want to enhance their beauty are colouring their hair. We want to have the freedom to dare with our hair, but worry about the effect it will have on the condition of our hair so are hesitant to make the change. It takes our stylist to provide the ultimate reassurance and convince us to say yes, because only our stylist understands the power of the science to give peace of mind when it comes to hair damage.

Wella Professionals WELLAPLEX introduces that science with Opti pH System, an exclusive technology that helps to reconstruct inner hair bonds for stronger hair** and is the best partner of Wella Professionals colour products, whilst ensuring perfect lightening and colour results. The collection consists of 3 new products: No1 Bond Maker, which helps to create bonds within the hair during lightening or colour services; No2 Bond Stabilizer further strengthens the bonds, re-balances pH and strengthens the hair structure after chemical treatment; both of these products are used in the salon during a colour service. No3 Hair Stabilizer is for use at home and helps to keep the hair strong, smooth and soft until the next WELLAPLEX treatment. WELLAPLEX strengthens hair from start to finish.

The science behind the WELLAPLEX strengthening treatment, with our exclusive Opti pH System, ensures hair stays healthy throughout all stages of the coloring process. To fully benefit from the in-salon service we recommend using the No3 Hair Stabilizer at home once a week to keep hair strong between visits to the salon. Bold or subtle hair changes can be made with the assurance that hair will be healthier, flexible and more manageable, meaning you can finally colour your hair how you want and when you want.

Whether you want your transformation to be to blonde, or even pure platinum blonde; you can now say no to compromise. Due to its optimal pH, WELLAPLEX is designed to work in perfect synergy with Wella Professionals colour products and services; furthermore, it is the only product recommended for use with Wella Professionals. The end result is the colour change you have always wanted and stronger hair.

With WELLAPLEX, you can now say yes to colour.

Say yes to colour and book yourself in for an exciting colour makeover with Wella Professionals WELLAPLEX.