Find the hair cut for you, no matter what your face shape is!

Since every haircut is different, it makes sense that certain styles will work better on some people than they do on others. But if you’re wondering why your best friend can pull off a hair cut that would look utterly atrocious on you, it could simply be down to their face shape! Face shapes play a big role in what works and what doesn’t work for your look, with every face shape, comes a number of cuts and styles that will help to emphasise your best features, while downplaying your less flattering ones!

We’ve put together a simple guide to enable you to find the perfect haircut for your face shape.

Oval faces

Oval face shapes are balanced and fairly proportional, which means if you have this face shape, you can wear virtually any haircut that you want. So, when you’re trying to choose a style, think about which features you’d like to accentuate, and use your hair to work a look that will enhance it best.

If you’re happy with the way your facial features are proportioned, then try a bold, graphic bob haircut that hugs the jawline, making for a great style to show off the balanced look of your face shape.

Heart shaped faces

Heart shapes are easily distinguishable by the typically wider forehead and narrower chin. With this in mind, it’s best to choose a haircut that will help to create balance within this top-heavy look: and side fringes make an excellent choice, no matter what style you’re wearing.

The fringe draws attention downwards and closer to your eyes, whilst also hiding some of the width of your forehead. Try it with a tousled, cropped cut.

Square faces

Square face shapes feature a strong and angular jaw line which can look quite emphatic with the wrong cut. What we would recommend is to go for a haircut which softens up your sharper features, whilst still showing off your great cheekbones. A tousled wave looks great, also you’ll be pleased to know, that you can actually rock a lovely undone look, no matter what your hair length may be! So, if you have long locks, the look will help to elongate your face, whereas with short hairstyles, a wob (AKA a wavy bob) will help to soften the strength of your jawline.

Round faces

When you’re choosing a haircut for a round face, look for styles that will help to lengthen your face, rather than emphasising its round shape. This means steering clear of styles such as blunt fringes or crops that hug the jawline – instead, opt for hairstyles that incorporate long layers, as these will both give an instant slimming effect, as well as loads of dimension. As for shorter haircuts to suit your spherical face, try working a textured pixie cut with a side fringe, to give your look loads of interest and youthfulness.