How to achieve Longer lasting colour results

Robert Eaton develops latest must-have technique for hair colouring

Award-winning colourist and Creative Director of Russell Eaton salon Leeds, Robert Eaton, has developed the newest and most in demand colouring technique to tackle greying and aging hair.

Robert noticed a demand for men and women wanting to age gracefully, embracing the natural process of their hair colour changes, while still retaining a youthful edge. With 20 years’ experience in the business, Robert has pioneered the Deluxe Regrowth technique.

Deluxe Regrowth is the ultimate hair colour experience combing the latest technology in hair colour with Robert’s unique technique. Deluxe Regrowth involves colouring the hairline a lighter shade to help disguise the re-growth line of aging hair that has lost its pigment, making the transition into the rest of the hair colour more seamless and natural. This process helps the overal effect of the hair colour have a much longer lasting look, without any sudden appearances of harsh re-growth lines.

The benefits for clients is that as the overall look lasts longer, the time between appointments for touch ups is also longer, saving them both time and money. It’s been a massive hit with my clients.” States Robert

The Deluxe Regrowth system also use the very latest in hair colour technology giving high performance colour without PPD and PDT, a revolutionary new concept in professional hair colour only. Using technologies free from PPD and PDT helps reduce the risk of developing allergies to hair colour, making it safer for clients.

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