Getting Married?..Prepare your hair for the big day

Regular Trims

You may be one of the 90% of brides-to-be who are growing their hair, but regular trims (every 6 weeks minimum) will allow it to grow in a more healthy way. Think about it; the ends of your hair have endured years of heat styling and colour treatments.

Pass the Protein

You’re probably watching what you eat for the sake of your dress, but a healthy diet can have an amazing effect on your hair too. A protein rich diet ensures shine, hair is made of protein so the more you eat, the better it will look. Add lean meats, nuts, seeds, fish and cottage cheese to your diet. Because the body digests protein best and uses it most efficiently in the morning, what better reason do you need to feast on poached eggs with a side of spinach for breakfast?

Prime Protection 

You’ve heard the one about smothering your hair with a UV protector before you hit the beach to ward off frizz, flyaways, damage and dullness with Kerasaste Ciment Thermique (£21.50) you can add that heat protection to your hair. Also chuck out your hairdryer nozzle and turn down the heat on all of your stylers six weeks before the big day to benefit from enhanced shine and condition. Just because your straighteners can go up to 300 degrees doesn’t mean they have to.

Treat your scalp too

OK, so it doesn’t sound very glamorous, but healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. System Professional balance scalp lotion (£22) massaged into the scalp will stimulate circulation and encourage stronger hair with less breakage. Just make sure you rinse thoroughly – one excuse for another round of massage.

Make it Shine

Shiny hair makes you look younger – fact! The problem is pollution, plus everyday brushing, curling and straightening which threatens to de-bling your locks unless you take some in-shower precautions. At least once a week, after a helping of shine enhancing shampoo, load on a deep conditioning mask. Robert Eaton suggests Kerastase Masquintense £29.50 – “Target your lengths – especially older tips, to add strength and shine.”

Gently does it

It all hangs on the way you dry it, so don’t rub hair briskly on a rough towel. Treat yourself to a super-absorbent towel to blot away excess water, then carefully de-tangle it with a tangle teezer or wide toothed comb, starting at the ends and only moving higher once tangles are free. Let it air dry for as long as possible before firing up your hair dryer.

Pop a pill

Up to 80% of women will suffer hair loss at some point. With stress amongst the major triggers, if you’re in the midst of wedding planning, some reparative measures may be in order. We’re a big fan of supplements that promote hair growth and lustre. But to really see a difference, you need to start taking them at least six months before. We recommend taking Viviscal which is a scientifically formulated food supplement that helps maintain normal healthy hair growth from within.  We are now stocking Viviscal please ask in salon for more information.

Colour me pretty

The benefits of colouring your hair just keep rolling in, uninvited-to-the wedding greys get sent packing. It adds thickness, and a lot of colourants are so loaded with enhanced conditioners that they leave your hair softer, stronger and more manageable. Trials are non-negotiable, starting six months before the big day to avoid your fiance wondering who the stranger in the white dress is, heading his way. A lot of brides want to explore change which isn’t always the best idea, rather than go for a radical change, go subtle and favour one that enhances skin tone and eye colour to deliver the most stunning version of you.

Wear a Scrunchie

No, really! Not only will you be the epitome of a style icon, but if you wear your hair up a lot, it won’t cause damage the way elastics do. A new trend is ‘invisobbles’ which are available at most retailers, plastic coils that don’t leave kinks should you decide to swish your hair loose in public. While we’re on the subject of being glamorous, spend a little of your budget on a silk pillowcase. Not only will it ward off wrinkles, your hair is less likely to break as you toss and turn worrying over the seating plan.

Try a co-wash

The newest kid on the beauty block is the cleansing conditioner, the idea is that you skip shampooing for a dose of foam free cleanser instead. You save money on shampoo and still score clean, thicker looking hair. Perfect if you are a fan of boho texture, not so much if your a gleam queen. Still you may find that your hair needs less washing, which is a bonus as far as expensive colour fade goes.

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