Vitamins and Minerals for Longer, Fuller Hair


It’s no secret that the foods you eat have a direct effect on the appearance of your skin, nails and hair. Forget about products, your route to healthier, shinier, thicker hair could be as simple as jotting down a shopping list and nipping to Tesco. We’ve put together a quick guide to what your hair needs and where you can find it, so you know exactly what to look for.



What it does: Zinc facilitates cell reproduction, tissue growth and repair. It also works hard in the glands attached to hair follicles, making sure oil is secreted to keep hair hydrated and strong.


Why you need it: Without zinc, you could be at risk of both hair loss and dandruff. It keeps your scalp hydrated and each strand supple and strong, preventing breakage and dull, lacklustre locks.


Where you find it: Find large supplies of zinc in seafood and poultry. If you’re veggie, try eggs, milk, whole grains, nuts and seeds to keep your levels topped up.


Beta Carotene

What it does: Beta carotene converts to vitamin A (otherwise known as retinol) during digestion. Vitamin A is an antioxidant and helps to defend against the movement of free radicals in the body – encouraging cell health, growth and reproduction.


Why you need it: Like zinc, beta carotene helps to prevent both hair loss and a flaky, itchy scalp. If you’re struggling to grow your hair past a certain length, upping the beta carotene in your diet could be the answer.


Where you find it: Look for beta carotene in red-orange hued foods like sweet potatoes and carrots. Try polenta and spinach too. It’s worth noting that high levels of vitamin A in the body can be dangerous, so it’s wise to find your fill from the food you eat instead of relying on supplements.


Vitamin C

What it does: Vitamin C is essential for the body’s production of collagen. Antioxidant qualities also help fight free radicals, and the reversal of Adrenal gland fatigue means hormones remain in balance.


Why you need it: Collagen is essential for cell health and provides each strand of your mane with moisture and body. It adds a protective barrier from the elements and without it, you could see your ends split more frequently and more breakage at the root. Healthy hormonal balance fights premature hair loss or thinning.


Where you find it: Your five a day will give you everything you need. Even a jacket spud can give you heaps of the good stuff – just make sure you eat the skin too!

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