Our Latest Fabulous Review…


Today I spent my day at Russell Eaton in Leeds, aka my haven. I can justify this I promise…

My usually bi-monthly appointment was way, way overdue (by about 2 months in fact) so I decided that enough was enough, and it was about time that I had my horrendous roots and out of control eyebrows attended to. Without even thinking about it, I picked up my phone and booked an appointment with Russell Eaton. I’d struggle to trust any other salon with my hair, similarly to how I couldn’t possibly stray from my beloved M&S pear tarts.

Well this morning I scraped my hair back into a nice greasy bun, and headed out the door. I was greeted by the lovely Karen on reception, who gowned me up and led me over to my seat. The staff and stylists at Russell Eaton are incredibly helpful and very sweet to deal with, so I had absolutely no trouble in sourcing a prompt cup of tea and a pile of magazines.

The gorgeous Stacey did my colour, which I was incredibly happy about. If you’re thinking of booking in with Russell Eaton, I’d highly recommend her, she’s an incredible colourist. I’m always completely over the moon with the final result whenever I’m in her hands, and I trust her implicitly. She’s really chatty and chirpy, pays close attention to my requests and thoughts, and really puts me at ease.

The stylists there are equally as talented and attentive. I’ve been visiting Russell Eaton for well over a year now, and I’ve never once been unhappy with my cut. One thing I love about the stylists at Russell Eaton is that they never come hacking at your hair with a pair of scissors, and before you know it you’ve lost 3 inches.They never cut too much off, and I absolutely love that about them.

The salon as a whole never fails to impress me, as the staff always go above and beyond to make sure that their clients experiences are as pleasant, enjoyable and relaxing as possible. There’s always at least one member of staff walking around the salon with some gorgeous hand creams, or a beautiful selection of massage oils, so they can offer you a relaxing hand massage or a seriously tempting scalp massage whilst you’re waiting for your stylist. They also don’t scrimp, which is extremely important to me as a paying client. There’s nothing worse than paying a lot of money for a service, and then you feel completely unattended to, totally rushed and just downright ripped off. Russell Eaton isn’t like that whatsoever; They truly care about their customers experiences and final results.

I’m a natural brunette and I’ve been attempting to maintain a blonde hairdo for the past year or so. Whenever I visit Russell Eaton they always make sure to use an intensive treatment to boost the moisture and condition, and silver shampoo’s and toners to maintain an ashy tone.


The fun doesn’t stop there either… they also offer some incredible spa and beauty treatments. Their spa area is totally gorgeous (very serene and relaxing). I was placed with Vicky today for my treatments, who I’ve actually never had before. She was an absolute joy and so funny, I’d highly recommend her. I had my usual eyebrow shenanigans as well as a refresh pedicure and OPI gel toes, and I could have honestly chatted to her all day. She was incredibly knowledgeable, very laid back and down to earth and undoubtedly talented. The treatments were performed very thoroughly and I absolutely loved the final results.

Well thanks to Russell Eaton, I’m now feeling completely refreshed and back to normal again. I’m still really tempted to try out their hair extensions, and I’ll definitely be booking in for a massage next time I have some spare time. If I do decide to go ahead with the hair extensions, then I’ll definitely make sure that they’re done in time for my travels. I’d like to review them for you all and assess how they hold up throughout 3 months of intensive travelling. I’m sure that they’d be an incredible option for all you brides-to-be, so I promise that I’ll try to make it happen.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to the Russell Eaton team for a wonderful day as usual. If you do happen to be reading this, then I do have a confession to make: I stole one of your biscuits. I’m sorry, but they’re just so good!

Russell Eaton is situated on Boar Lane in the Leeds city centre or you can call them on 0113 246 9162.