How to get thicker fuller hair

We all know that a bouncy, thick mane of hair gives you the confidence to tackle the challenges of the day, from acing a board room meeting to that all important first date. Over 70% of women said that when their hair looks & feels full of body, they feel like a more confident person*.

That’s why The Nioxin has designed the Nioxin 3D Styling range to help address the three aspects of hair thinning; Derma, Density & Diameter to create thicker, fuller hair styles without weighing down the hair.The styling range is split into two technologies, Pro Thick and Light Plex, so you can adapt your styling regime to suit your hair type. 

The Pro-Thick technology is made up of a complex of thickening polymers that deposit foaming bonds between the hair strands. Pro Thick includes four key products to help achieve THICKNESS AND HOLD. 

  •  Nioxin Thickening Gel provides definition and a strong hold, without stiffness or stickiness. It is lightweight on hair but strong on style. It supports all styles by providing shape and texture, adding shine without heavy build. 
  • Nioxin Bodifying Foam is a styling foam that provides manageable body and hold for thicker, fuller looking styles. Use on damp or towel dried hair and comb through before blow-drying. It gives volume whilst ensuring hold and definition. 
  • Nioxin Thickening Spray, is a styling spray that adds texture and long-lasting body, ensuring hair styles last. The Pro-Thick technology makes the desired style easier to achieve and results in a visual thickening effect on the hair. 
  • Niospray Strong Hold is a firm finishing workable spray, designed for thin looking hair to help create a fuller looking effect. Use on dry hair after styling, to set the style and provide definition whilst offering loose movement.

Light Plex helps you manage hair more easily, without weighing the hair down for LIGHT AND FLEXIBLE styles. Light Plex is a professional technology that works both inside and outside hair. Conditioning agents travel into the hair’s cortex, retaining hair moisture for longer and protecting hair from environmental damage, while lightweight, flexible polymers wrap around the hair.

Products containing Light Plex technology include:

  • Nioxin Therm Activ Protector is a spray activated by heat that adds shine to your hair. Spray evenly and comb through the hair before exposure to heat to help provide protection from breakage. 
  • Nioxin Rejuvenating Elixir is a leave-in elixir to help your hair feel revitalised for soft, natural movement for rejuvenation and softness 
  • Nioxin Definition Crème is an anti-frizz smoothing cream that holds and refines hair texture or creates styles with fuller-looking effects. Once applied to clean damp hair, the cream helps provide hold and a smooth texture.  
  • Niospray Regular Hold, is a workable, light hold finishing spray, designed for thinner looking hair to help create a fuller looking effect, that is easy to brush out.  It is to be used on dry hair, after styling, providing definition whilst creating movement.