Move over,ombre hello ecaille

Move over, ombré: There’s a hot new hair colour trend in town, and it’s saturating the tresses of Hollywood’s finest. There’s no doubt that ombre has been the hair obsession of the last few seasons, but the hot new colour trend of this year is the more modern, blended new technique that has been named  ecaille—the French word for tortoiseshell. 

With smooth caramel tones, the ecaille technique is a slightly richer and darker version of your natural colour paired with golden highlights and a whole lot of shine. The look, which began trending in Paris, tends to also be darker at the roots and lighter at the ends – consider it a much more sophisticated version of the ombre we know and love. Pop some balayage highlights on top of this rich shade and and a gloss to keep it rich, and you’ve got this multidimensional, bombshell look.

Ecaille was a big trend this A/W and as it moves into spring it is set to continue growing in popularity and its combination of warm browns, honeys, and ambers just like a tortoiseshell comb is a look that can work for lots of skin tones and hair types.


To achieve the look, your Russell Eaton colourist will focus on a few tastefully placed, face-framing highlights in the front, complimented by softer, lighter more blended painted pieces around the remaining hair.

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