Robert and Jodie at London fashion week

WELLA SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL LUXEOIL at PPQ Autumn/Winter 2015 London Fashion Week

 Lead Stylist: Robert Eaton and Jodie Palmer for System Professional LuxeOil

The Look: Fairy-tale Gothic

The hair look at the PPQ A/W 15 was created to reflect the background of the collection which was influenced by a dark and gothic era whilst incorporating a softer and angelic twist.

A/W 15 sees the PPQ girl in a heavily textured and boldly decorative mood, demonstrating a strong look for the new season. For the hair, a bold beehive with textured waves and renaissance twirls was created to achieve a slick yet chic creation to compliment the collection.

Step by Step, Get The Look:

  1. Freshly wash hair with the SP LuxeOil shampoo and condition using the NEW SP LuxeOil Keratin Conditioning Cream

  2. Prepare hair with SP Style Elegant Shape Body Mousse and SP LuxeOil mixed together to create texture and gloss as a perfect base for styling. Blow dry the product into the hair away from the face until completely dry and smooth hair over with a large round brush.

  3. The next step is sectioning the hair. The first step is to put aside a 5 centimetre section at the front of the hair which will later be used to create a pressed curl. The second step is to divide the back section by taking a parting from ear to ear which is then parted down the centre and a scalp braid starting from the crown is created down the back of the head to act as an anchor for pins. The top section of the hair will be later backcombed lightly and shaped to create the top of the beehive.

  4. Back comb the remaining loose hair on either side of the braid to give root lift and structure. Lightly brush out the backcombing on the lengths of the hair to leave residual texture. Twist remaining hair from either of side of the head to the centre to create symmetrical French pleats, building weight to the crown and using the braid as an anchor for the grips to create a smooth and secure shape.

   5.  Mist lightly with SP Style Perfect Hold hair spray and SP Luxe Oil Light Oil Keratin Protection Spray for a polished finish.

   6.  Finally wave sections from the front of the hair that was earlier set aside, using the pressed curl waving technique. This creates        flat waves whereby sections of hair are curved through the heat of irons creating a flat s-bend shape. Allow to cool and set.

   7.The flat waves are then loosely broken up using the fingers and placed over the French plait structure at the back. This creates a       contrast of soft and fluid whimsical waves against a structured pleat. The waves are further broken up by blasting the hair                   backward towards the crown with a dryer and fixing with SP Style Perfect Hold hair spray. The finished look is soft and windswept.