Best-Kept Stylist Secrets!

1.Fighting Talk – Work with your hair, not against it! If your hair has got a natural wave to it then you can easily create that tousled, beach-locks look effortlessly. If your hair’s straight, relish in the fact that you don’t have to spend hours straightening it.

2.The Big Blow Out – We know you love to use those electrical gadgets to either straighten or curl your locks but if you do use them a lot, try not to blow-dry your hair as well. Let your hair dry naturally if possible and then use your straighteners. This will just give you one dose of heat rather than two.

3.Invest In The Best – The reality is that you get what you pay for, but you don’t have to have an unlimited cash supply to invest in great products. The beauty of premier lines is that a little goes a long way. Ask your stylist to recommend a brand that suits your hair needs and fits your budget.

4.Those pesky little hairs around your hairline can be very annoying. Spritz your hairbrush with hairspray and gently brush over those stubborn strands to make them lay flat and frizz free.

5.It is a complete waste of your hard earned cash buying products then using them incorrectly . Invest in good quality combs and brushes as cheap imitations can snag and snap your delicate strands. Ask your stylist to teach you how to use your styling equipment properly.

6.Tick-Tock – If the years are ticking by a little too quickly then go for a haircut that is textured and choppy. This always softens features and takes years off! Go for soft, tousled styles that are layered to frame and soften your features.

7.Clock Watching – If you’re short of styling time, try just blow-drying the front section and tie the rest of your hair back in a loose half-up, half-down ponytail.

8.Handy! – Grab yourself some sectioning clips. They make life so much easier when blow-drying or straightening your hair.   

9.You never know when your going to need an emergency hair revamp. Stash some snag-free bands and kirby grips in your handbag – they’re a staple for transforming work day hair to a sassy evening style.

10.Curls Aloud – Can’t quite get the hang of curling your hair? Take two inch sections of hair and coil around hot irons. Hold for a few seconds and pin to hold.Once cool, shake out and smooth hair into waves.

11.Eat Up – Take supplements like Vitamin B complex to improve the condition of your hair and prepare it for the sun. Also indulge in protein rich foods like chicken and nuts to feed the natural protein in your hair.

12.Step By Step – When blow-drying your hair, always style your hair in sections starting at the back first. Leave your hair around the brush and apply a cold blast of air on full speed to set the style and to get lasting movement.

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