How your hair can make you Look Younger In An Instant

1.The ultimate revamp move has to be colour. Don’t be scared in taking the plunge. Make sure you have a thorough colour consultation with your colourist and express your needs and lifestyle, this will help to establish what sort of colour is right for you.

2.Go for a cut that is stylish and modern and don’t let age dictate your hair style. As you get older, the more edgy the cut, the younger you appear so be bold and stay away from safe and conservative as this is ageing!

3.As we age so does the texture of our hair. It can become course and brittle or fine and curly. Ask your stylist to counteract this by using different texturising and cutting techniques so you gain more control over your hair.

4.If grey hair tends to go yellow due to smoke and pollution then use a deep cleansing shampoo to remove this build up and inject your hair with moisture and shine.Often people overlook investing in a good quality shampoo but it really does make all the difference.

5.Long hair can really ‘drag’ the face down on older ladies and it is very ageing and difficult to keep in good condition. Instead hair should be kept mid-length or shorter to encourage movement and volume.

6.Another tip is to keep updating your hairstyle. If you have had the same hairstyle for the past 10 years then only your stylist is to blame. Your hairstylist should always be one step ahead thinking about how to evolve your haircut.

7.Shiny glossy locks always ooze youthful appeal so ensure that your hair is in the best condition by using a leave in hair treatment once a week.

8.A great and easy adaptable way to update your hairstyle is to add a fringe. There great for hiding lines on the forehead and also accentuate the eyes. Fringes can be cut to look dramatic or sexy so are very versatile and fashionable.

9.Fine hair tends to get finer with age so choose shampoos and conditioners that are volumising and styling products that are designed to add more movement and volume.

10.Wearing your hair too flat to the face can be really ageing so make sure you have plenty of movement and lift in the hair to soften the face and add a young, fresh appeal.

11.To help achieve a health gloss that we all lust after, blood circulation to the scalp is essential. Ask your stylist for a scalp analysis prior to shampooing. If your scalp feels tight and stressed then a massage is needed on your scalp to stimulate the blood flow and supply more nutrients on your hair root.

12.Childish hair ties, bobbles and scrunchies are a mistake. They can make you look frumpy and will only emphasise your age.

13.Don’t assume you need to cut your hair short as you get older, as shoulder length can be flattering as long as it is kept in good condition. It is a myth that you should go shorter as you get older.  

14.If you want curls, go for a soft wave and curls rather than tight (permed) curls this can be ageing.

15.Avoid pulling your hair back tightly from your face, it will add years to your look and make you have to rely on make up too much.

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