How to Learn to love your hair


What you hate? – Fine hair feels limp, flyaway and lacks body and bounce.

Learn to love it – Fine hair is so much easier and quicker to wash, it’s got great styling possibilities, it’s soft and easy to manage. 

Make the most of it – Avoid using heavy styling products or silicone-based serums, instead choose light products that wont weigh your hair down. A chunky, textured cut will help to boost volume.


What you hate? – Hair cuticles don’t lay flat, which makes it feel rough and rebellious.

Learn to love it – Course hair is stronger and more resilient than other hair types and it will often hold styles without any help from products.

Make the most of it – Cut is very important – go for a haircut that shapes the face and will help control the hair. Colour shine treatments will soften the texture by filling in and smoothing out the cuticle.


What you hate? – It has to be styled – it is impossible to just wash and go.

Learn to love it – Great texture for the fluffy finishes that hit the catwalk at the recent shows. No tonging for frizzy girls, you just have the look instantly!

Make the most of it – Your hair needs re-hydrating to make it more manageable, so use rich moisturising products. Your hairstyle is also important – if your hair is very frizzy, don’t have too many layers, instead opt for longer layers that skim your cut to allow the hair to flow.


What you hate?  It takes on a stringy appearance within a few hours of shampooing.

Learn to love it – Greasy hair is healthy, lustrous and well moisturised and great for slicking back into shiny ponytails.

Make the most of it – The answer to greasy hair is to wash it as often as necessary to keep it clean and in good condition. Despite the rumours frequent washing does not encourage the production of grease, a specially formulated shampoo will gently cleanse greasy locks.


What you hate? – Your hair can feel like straw and lacks a healthy, shiny look.

Learn to love it – You don’t need to wash dry hair as often and you can get more body into it with styling.

Make the most of it – Dry hair lacks essential moisture, so clean your hair frequently using special care shampoos and conditioners to replenish moisture lost in blowdrying. Go for regular trims to revive your hairs appearance and avoid split ends.

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