Eat your way to healthy hair

Eat your way to FAB hair! Munch on the following foods for a super-healthy gleaming mane.

Carrots… Everyone said they helped you see in the dark, but in fact they actually work to improve your hair! Carrots contain a lot of nutrients such as beta-carotene, converted into vitamin A, once it is in the body, it’s a powerful antioxidant that promotes healthy hair and nails.

Eggs… Whether you choose to have them boiled, poached, scrambled or fried, eggs are a diet essential in the quest for healthy hair. It is all down to their sulphur content, which produces keratin and leaves your hair strong and shiny. And don’t forget they’re packed with iron and B-complex vitamins, helping to banish greasy locks and prevent hair loss.

Honey… Fancy something sweet but don’t want to ruin your diet? Try a teaspoon of honey. Honey contains many vitamins and minerals which help the hair from the inside out. Vitamin B6 helps follicles, calcium promotes healthy hair, copper strengthens your locks, iron prevents hair loss and potassium promotes circulation.

Poultry… Chicken and turkey are high sources of protein that helps give you the healthy hair you crave. Without adequate protein, one can experience weak brittle hair, and protein deficiency can also result in loss of hair colour. Poultry also provides iron with a high degree of bioavailability, meaning your body can easily reap its benefits.

Salmon… Is rich in zinc and omega 3 essential fatty acids that are required for healthy skin and hair. Essential fatty acids help with hair growth and also reduce hair fall. Salmon is also rich in niacin (vitamin B3), which increases scalp circulation, heals and nourishes your hair. If you don’t like salmon you may go for fish oil supplements.

Spinach… Is rich in vitamins C, iron and folic acid that help prevent hair loss and give you healthy hair.

Whole Grains… Sink your teeth into hearty whole grains, including whole-wheat bread and fortified whole-grain cereals, for a hair-healthy dose of zinc, iron, and B vitamins.

Yogurt… Is loaded with probiotics (Healthy bacteria or live active cultures that are good for your immune system). Yogurt is rich in proteins, calcium, B vitamins and minerals. It also restores moisture and strength to the hair.

Nuts… Bin the crisps and get snacking on a handful of nuts for a picture-perfect mane. Here’s why… Almonds – packed with biotin, which plays an essential role in the production of fatty acids and ensures your hair’s as healthy as can be. Brazil nuts – full of selenium, renowned for being an important mineral for the health of your scalp. Cashews – loaded with zinc, essential in your diet to prevent hair loss. Walnuts – a great source of alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid that’s great for nourishing your scalp.

Water… it makes up one-fourth of the weight of a strand of hair. Moisture makes the hair supple, so make sure you get plenty of fluids. A key point is NOT to wait until you’re thirsty. If you’re thirsty, it means your body has already lost more water than it should have, and it’s urging you to fill up the tank. Water not only hydrates your body, but helps keep your hair silky and shiny. Ideally, you should drink between eight and ten glasses of water a day.


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