how to create the hottest curls

The ultimate guide to creating the hottest curls 

Your hair is the ultimate fashion accessory, so updating your look each season has become a must to keep your hair looking fresh and modern, and to keep you looking young! 

The relationship between fashion and hair continued on the Spring/Summer 2010 catwalks at Fashion Weeks where a multitude of hairdressers worked tirelessly backstage to create some of the hottest looks for the season ahead, one of which is that of full bouncy sexy waves and curls.

About the trend: With many designers embracing the padded, power shoulders of the Dynasty era, hair needed to share the same mood of extravagance and fun. Speak Volumes is a soft and feminine trend that uses curls, crimping and back-combing to create airy textures for a carefree, soft and ultra feminine looks.

Celebs like Danni Minouge have been wearing this trend by dressing their bobbed hair wavy or curled through one side a brilliant way to update a bob giving it a really cool and fresh edge.


Sexy Hair: Get More Volume Now


Could you do with a little lift? Here are a couple of secret techniques to get this season’s sexy volume. 


Get highlights or lowlights:  hair usually has more body when it’s coloured and sometimes ‘lift’ and volume.We have created a colouring technique known as dimensional hair colour. When hair is monochromatic, it appears flatter. When you add colour dimensions to hair, it gives the perception of lift. As with an optical illusion, your eyes perceive movement even where it might not exist. By placing panels of colour to hair to enhance the haircut we can create texture and body.


Use root volumisers: These are products designed to lift hair at the scalp. They come in mousse and spray versions and you place the product directly onto the roots of towel-dried hair, lifting with your fingers as you apply.


Set with Velcro Rollers: A few strategically placed velcro rollers will give your hair lots of volume. After hair is washed and blow-dried curve one-inch sections of the hair you want lifted around the roller (small rollers for a slight lift and large for a higher lift). Three or four rollers should do the trick, leave them in for five to ten minutes, remove and arrange newly lifted hair with your fingers.


hot tip for long lasting volume ! 

try using crimpers, takes sections through the interior of the hair cut and crimp the roots using a little spray to create a firm texture.Next brush out the crimpping to create full roots that act like padding through the hair cut.The rest of the hair lays over the crimpped sections hiding the padding but leaving your hair looking full and thick and with long lasting volume.

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