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Russell Eaton Leeds Spa – Review

I don’t know if it’s an age thing, or just a ‘me’ thing, but I feel utterly slovenly if I go too long without a salon visit. In total contrast to how I like to spend my evenings (at a gig, getting sweaty and usually, covered in beer with the best of them), being pampered and preened is something I relish. Not only is it relaxing and stress-relieving, it’s extremely helpful in keeping me looking as close to normal as I get. I was recently given the opportunity to review* a service at Russell Eaton Salon and Spa, so y’know, I jumped at the chance.  I’ve been feeling pretty rough lately – after having significant surgery less than 6 months ago and medication that wreaked havoc on my hormones and skin… this is just what I needed! Russell Eaton Salon and Spa have been on Boar Lane in Leeds since 2009, they’re a well established, multi award-winning salon, but what you may not know is that down the few steps to their basement spa, is a world away from a very busy city centre. It’s quiet (so, so quiet), dimly lit, and basically a little piece of tranquility, hidden away.

On arrival there’s a comfy waiting area downstairs. If it’s your first visit, they ask you to complete a medical questionnaire to ensure any treatments carried out are suitable for you.

My therapist was Becki – absolutely one of the nicest beauty therapists I have met. Completely professional, extremely knowledgable and friendly t’boot – exactly what you want from someone in that role! The salon offers massage therapy, body treatments, facials, tanning, mani/pedi, waxing (etc), makeup… you name it.   The reality is, I need pretty much everything they offer on the treatment menu right now, but my face was a good place to start. Becki talked me through the Guinot facials available. They range from 30-90 minutes long (prices from £25-£70), and they have something suitable for all skin types. I’m in my 30’s with dehydrated skin and hormonal breakouts (along jaw and chin – boo, hiss), with fine lines around the eye area (yeah, you can laugh, it’ll come to you too), so she recommended the Guinot Hydradermie treatment.

Russell Eaton Spa – treatment room

I’ve previously had ‘traditional’ facials from Decleor and Dermalogica, but I’ve never had a Guinot facial or experienced anything using electrical currents… Hydradermie is intended to give hydration, radiance and youthful looking skin (yes please), but instead of using traditional manual massage techniques, it uses a machine. Sounds a bit scary?

Well, not so much! The machine has small metal rollers, that have a negative and positive charge. After cleansing, the rollers are used to carry out the ‘double ionisation’ part of the treatment, which allows the active ingredients in serums to penetrate the skin deeply (which in turn provides a good level of moisturisation).  This is followed by exfoliation (using Gommage Biologique) -a really gentle product that includes jojoba beads, green tea and AHAs (it’s on my ‘to buy list’); and an anti-fatique mask – with another machine treatment which brightens the skin by ‘stimulating skin cell oxygenation’.  Just so you know, when I’m typing machine, in my head it’s said in a hammer-horror the machiiiinnneeeee styleeee, for a poorly comedic effect, I really hope you’re saying it like that too, otherwise it just doesn’t work (what?).

Well, that all sounds very technical doesn’t it.  What it basically means, is that you get to relax for an hour while an expert therapist cleanses, tones, exfoliates, treats and moisturises your skin. There’s no pain from any part of the treatment (even the extractions were extremely gentle), and afterwards, that’s the magic part – my skin felt fantastic. Like new (okay, what I imagine new to feel like), but totally smooth, plumped up, less visible lines, a great glow… wonderful. 24 hours later it’s still looking great – even better now impurities have been drawn out overnight. I can’t wait to get ready for an event tonight, in the knowledge my makeup will sit perfectly on my skin now.


Guinot products (need them all!) at Russell Eaton, Leeds

Sorry for the wordy review, but it’s necessary in this case. Facials aren’t the cheapest treatments, but I do think they’re something everyone should try if they can afford to. The results tend to last several weeks, not to mention the benefits felt from taking an hour out occasionally for a lovely bit of pampering. I’m definitely going to go back for another Guinot facial at Russell Eaton, followed by a manicure…oh, and a pedicure… and a haircut (etc etc, repeat to fade).

If you have dehydrated skin, like me, then definitely seek out a Guinot Hydradermie treatment. If you want to try a facial at Russell Eaton Salon and Spa, and aren’t sure which to go for, then I’d suggest trying their new Hydraclean express facial. It’s 30 minutes long, £25, and involves deep cleansing, followed by a targeted treatment mask for an instant burst of radiance.

You can find Russell Eaton at 4-6 Boar Lane, Leeds LS1 5DD. Call them on 0113 2469 162 for an appointment – definitely see Becki for a beauty treatment, Amelia for haircuts, and if you want your hair coloured then I absolutely love Stacey who has recently joined them from Nicky Clarke – she’s the best colourist in the city (cos I say so).


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