going blonde with great lengths

Going Blonde with Great Lengths



Hey there, blondie!

You may have spotted me looking distinctly lighter in recent posts – about a week ago I ditched the brunette and went blonde. Yahoo!

Jumper, Topshop | Long-sleeve tee, Primark | Earrings, c/o Anna Lou of London | Lips, Topshop’s Rio Rio

Although it seems like a huge change, it’s not actually that big a deal for anyone who’s known me longer than 4 years, which is when I started colouring my naturally blonde hair brown. See? I loved being a brunette but I was struggling with the reverse-ombre regrowth and brassy golden tones that come with dying light hair darker. So, armed with a photo of Amanda Seyfried  I headed off to Russell Eaton, my salon in Leeds, ready to brighten up my life.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while you’ll know my long locks are due to Great Lengthsbonded extensions, which I wrote about here. My last set lasted an impressive 5 months before they were ready to come out, and after a consultation with my amazing hairdresser Jess we decided on a new shade.

I had two appointments – the first was to remove my brunette extensions, colour my own hair and match up my new blonde extensions. Jess chose three blonde shades to ensure a perfect, natural match to my own hair. At my second appointment, the new extensions were bonded to my hair and everything was chopped and styled.


I went for a very subtle ombre effect that’s darker at the roots and lighten on the ends, which should minimise regrowth and keep my hair looking natural. I absolutely adore the colour – so creamy and flattering on my pale skin. I also went for slightly longer extensions this time round and love the thicker, fuller look. As always, I’m majorly impressed by the quality and ease of Great Lengths extensions, particularly for a dramatic colour change. They add so much life and oomph to my fine hair – I don’t think I could ever be without them!

Life as a blonde so far is great – I’ve rediscovered my love of orange-red lipstick and bright yellow clothing, and I’m channeling Gwen Stefani with cat-eye liner and 40s waves. Going back to a more natural colour is definitely more flattering… give me a few more weeks and I’ll let you know if blondes really do have more fun!

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