Shine Lines

What are ‘shine lines’?

Shine lines are hair colouring technique devised by Robert Eaton and are lines of colour added to the hair across the head, (rather than down the head as with traditional highlights) which aim to mimic the way natural or artificial light gives a beautiful glossy halo effect to the hair. Your hair looks so shiny, almost as if you are standing under a spotlight! 

Brunette Ultra Gloss-Ultra gloss is ideal for long hair. Three or four shin lines can be added to create a nice veneer on the hair, as though light is hitting it from all angles. Firstly, colour is applied all over and hair is freshly blow-dried. Next, lines are added to dry hair using a sponge. If your hair is dark brown, ask for a richer/warmer shade like a dark honey or a rich bronze shade. The shine lines should not be contrasting or too different from the rest of the hair – the idea is to make them look very natural and to create an illusion which mimics the way light hits the hair. The lines can be more precise on brunette hair: perfect lines create a beautiful smoothing effect on the hair.


Blonde Shimmer Gloss-With blonde hair, shine lines need to be more smudged than precise, as the tones of blonde hair tend to be more delicate and paler shine lines work better here to give more of a contrast. Our team of colour experts at Russell Eaton Leeds and Barnsley can apply the lines of colour with an artist’s brush or a natural sponge so the look you get can be truly your own.


Red Head Volume Gloss- Volume Gloss is an ideal technique for mid-length and wavier hair textures. This is used on people to create fullness and volume on the sides. Here you can gloss only the parts of the cut that need it or add just half a shine line – for example a fringe to create a bevel. With red hair, the shine lines need to be a couple of shades lighter, rather than richer to see the definition more or it will get lost within the waves. Caramel or corn colours are ideal.


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