Shiny Hair Secrets

Deliciously Dark

After a summer of waves, beach and festival inspired hair, the latest hair trend to hit the catwalks and salons is ultra glossy, rich, shiny and expensive looking hair. Here is the Russell Eaton guide to get the lustrous locks you’ve always wanted.

The average woman spends hundreds of hours washing, drying, and styling her hair each year, and yet a huge 81% of women report that they’re not always happy with the end results. Most of us wish our locks were either fuller or shinier (or both). It should come as no surprise then that more than half of all styling products sold are designed to make hair either glisten or thicken up. So before you go out and buy another serum or spray, shampoo or conditioner, here’s some tips on what really makes your hair shine, the tools worth your investment and the styling strategies used by the pros.

Blonde hair may reign supreme in the summer, but as the cold weather sets in this season, hair is all about condition and shine and deep glossy brunettes, warm and chocolatey hues start showing up on A-lister’s hair. Hair colour is one of the biggest changes we can give our hairstyle which can totally change our look. Deep, rich hair colour always becomes very popular in winter. In our salon we are shifting away from the soft, pastel colours we saw over the summer, and giving hair bursts of colour using intense burgundy’s, rich iridescent reds, shimmering golden and bronzed browns and chocolate tones…Here are some examples of celebrities that really work their brunette hair to its best.

Brunette hair colour inspiration

Eva Mendes…Eva shows brunette wannabes how it’s done with long flowing layers and chocolate box browns.


Angelina Jolie…Deep, dark Angelina has dabbled with jet-black shades as well as red or honey-coloured highlights, but never strayed far from her brunette roots. Her dark hair adds to her sexy, sultry looks.


Penelope Cruz…The Spanish screen siren is a dark and sultry brunette with deep, dark eyes and a sexy pout. Her thick, long locks are layered and tumbling and she often sports a side-swept fringe or beehive up-do.


Katie Holmes…America’s gorgeous girl next door radiates natural beauty and her new chop is grown-up and chic. Deep chestnut browns are Katie’s preferred shades, but today it’s an ebony black in contrast with her fair skin.


Anne Hathaway…’Devil Wears Prada’ Anne radiates an elegant brunette beauty that’s taken her from teen star to Hollywood starlet. Her deep brunette locks give her a classic presence that will stand the test of time.



Under a microscope, a strand of hair is covered in a cuticle layer which is made up of semicircular keratin ‘scales’ the smoother these lie, the more light reflective your whole head will be.

1. Heat from a blow-dryer, curling iron, or straightener is like ironing your clothes, it smooths out all the bumps and imperfections. For the best cuticle smoothing angle, hold the dryer above your head, pointed toward the floor this can really help to amp up shine.

2. Hair Colour itself is reflective to give you extra sheen and gloss, Robert Eaton follows every colour service with a glaze that keeps your colour fresh and shiny for weeks. Available in clear and pigmented formulas, the glaze treatments can pump up your shine and give an extra boost to your colour, “Even over the top of highlights I always finish with a glaze, whether it’s clear or tinted to add warmth and sparkle.”

3. To maintain glossiness at home, comb through a hydrating hair mask, then wrap hair in a hot towel (60 seconds in the microwave will do it). Leave the towel on long enough for hair to cool down, allowing the cuticle to close and lock in moisture.

New In – Salon Shine Treatment …Shine Lines!!

This is an amazing in salon treatment exclusive to Russell Eaton Leeds and Barnsley where we mimic the way light hits your hair and create lines of shine and gloss within your hair, great for fringes and enhancing waves and longer hair. Prices start from £20.