10 cash saving tips for great hair

10 cash saving tips

At the salon- Check out your salon for offers and low-cost treats.

Be a DIY diva – If you’re lucky enough to have long hair, at the end of your next appointment ask your hairdresser to help you master some new updo’s – they’re big news on the catwalk this season and can completely update a favourite outfit for a night out. Once you’ve mastered them they won’t cost you a penny!

Master the Blow dry – Visiting the salon every week for a blow dry can be costly. Ask your stylist for blow drying lessons and invest in the tools needed to create that perfect look all the time.

Make an investment – Wonder why your hair just will not sit correctly no matter what you do? A well-balanced cut by a good stylist will mean that your hair is far more manageable at home and will require a lot less product. Invest as much as you can afford on your cut and you’ll soon reap the benefits in the long run. You may even find that your fabulous cut lasts a little longer too.

Fix your fringe for free – Remember that at Russell Eaton we offer a free fringe maintenance service to our clients in between cuts. If you’re feeling a little jaded about your look, nip into your salon for a quick fringe trim and see how refreshed your style will look.

Stick to smooth – Do you love wearing your hair straight? Invest in a long lasting smoothing and straightening treatment. We offer a permanent and softer smoothing service that will last for up to 12 weeks and make everyday a hair care breeze.

Clever Colour – Often colouring at home can lead to a disaster and result in a more expensive colour experience, when things go wrong it can be very costly to rectify. Ask your stylist for creative colour techniques that give clever placement of colour with a minimum maintenance. Try refreshing your hair colour with our in-salon colour services (from £15.00) which leaves your hair feeling nothing short of perfection.

Pull out the plug – Embrace the undone look and give your hair a rest from heated appliances – you will save time, electricity and your hair!

Get a great gift – If you simply cannot live without your hairdresser why not drop some hints with your friends and family just before a birthday or Christmas for some salon vouchers? There is nothing nicer than having a haircut that you don’t have to pay for!

Deep treat your hair – Adore those salon treatments? Leave a trusted deep conditioning masque on your hair while you relax in the bath. Not only will the steamy atmosphere open up the cuticles, lengthening the application time will make doubly sure that all the goodness has absorbed.

Crack those curls – Instead of heading to the salon for a curly look, take time out to practise with Velcro rollers – they’re a great, old-school way of creating Hollywood waves and will update your look cheaply and easily.

Pull it into a pony – If your hair needs a trim but you simply can’t afford it, don’t fret – tie it back! The ponytail is huge news this summer and the more unique touches you can add to it, the trendier it will become. Spend a couple of evenings practising your signature pony for perfection.Visit our HOW TO’S section of our blog for loads of hints and tips on creating the best hair up looks at home.

Become a model – our expert teams in Leeds and Barnsley are always looking for models to help with our education in salon, from cuts and colour this is a great way of getting amazing hair at a fraction of the cost, Whether you are looking for a classic hair cut or something a little different, Russell Eaton Academy can offer the very best in hairdressing services. All services are performed by hairdressers completing a hairdressing apprenticeship and maybe at different levels within their training programme, all training sessions are fully supervised by our education team. Please allow a minimum 3 hours for your appointment and appreciate that it is a learning environment for the team members looking after you.

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