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Another great blogger review for our Spa by Samantha,a Ba Hons Language Studies; Spanish, Italian & Phonetics graduate of Leeds Met! British born & bred with an extreme love of all things travel, creative and animal related she started blogging on her year abroad in Spain. Since then, she hasn’t been able to stop! Her blog is a culmination of all the above plus beauty, health and a general ‘lifestyle’ mixture!


Despite having naturally mousey brown hair, my eyelashes and eyebrows have always been that bit lighter.
When I went through a slight ‘goth’ stage as a teenager and my hair sneakily went from brown to permanent black, my mum, who was definitely not pleased, insisted I had my ‘brows & lashes tinted so that everything ‘matched,’ (and man, am I glad she did. The word ‘thumb’ springs to mind). However since then, I’ve always stuck to makeup to hide and alter them. Think lashings of mascara & plenty of eyebrow powder and you won’t be far off. Fast forward a few years later, having recently joined the gym & doing more swimming than a fish, it would be nice not to worry about panda eyes and disappearing eyebrows for once! 
So when Russell Eaton, Leeds kindly got in contact and asked if there was a beauty treatment I’d like to have done; an eyebrow, lash tint and shape was definitely my first choice (I’m still a nail biter so a manicure was unfortunately out of the question)
On Wednesday I trotted round the corner (perks of living in the city centre!) and headed into the lovely & stylish Russell Eaton salon. Even for mid-week it was lively; lots of chatter and very warming. I was assisted downstairs, past the hairdressing area, into a dimly lit cosy sofa reception, where I signed a medical form (skin patch tests are recommended) and patiently awaited my treatment.
The treatment room was, again, cosy, modern and clean. The beautician, also called Sam, was super friendly & made me feel really relaxed – even after the word ‘wax’ was mentioned. We had a quick chat about what I wanted – to keep my eyebrows fairly natural, just a tad darker and tidied up, while my eyelashes would be blue black (the darkest black they do).

Up first was the tint & wax. Now, I’ve never had any part of my body waxed before and I’m quite particular about my eyebrow shape – so it’s safe to say I had sweaty palms about it all. But after joking about the fact a young girl came in and had the same treatment that day, I had a word with myself and we got on with it… I’m not going to lie and say it was completely pain free, because there was a definite ‘sting’ as the wax/hairs/paper were whipped off, but the whole thing was so quick, I didn’t have time to really think what was going on. My eyes where streaming, on the other-hand, and letting my whole ‘this doesn’t really hurt’poker face down, badly. Prior to this, a tint had been applied to my brows and they were happily, and pain free-ly, doing their thang.
I still hadn’t seen what was going on with the ol’ brows when I had my eyelash tint put on. I had small cotton pads placed under my bottom lashes, then another on top, sandwiching in the tint in the middle. This was the relaxing part. I laid with my eyes shut, Sam left the room and dimmed the lights, there was some lovely soothing music on, and I got to ponder about how all this would look when it was over.
Five minutes passed and off came the tint on both the brows & lashes and I was free to sit up and take a look! And I loved them! 

My eyebrows are so much neater, and the perfect shade, nothing too drastic and you can actually see my eyelashes! The skin around my eyebrows was naturally a little red, but that faded in two or three hours. I was advised not to use anything too heavy or oily on my skin/near that area which I took onboard and by the morning all had returned to normal. The lash tint should last for around six weeks & the brows for about three.

It is strange to wake up and think ‘ah! I left my makeup on!’ when in reality, I didn’t, rather than, ‘ah! where are my features?’… And it really is useful for waking up and applying minimal products. My eyebrows now barely need anything adding, and my eyelashes are black root to tip, so no need to fear about any blondies peeking out!
Overall? Super happy with the whole experience & outcome. I will definitely be going back for this re-doing before going on holiday or when my eyebrows are just a bit out of control!
Have you had anything waxed? Tinted? Would you have this treatment done?xo
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