FESTIVAL HAIR our hair survival guide

FESTIVAL HAIR FASHION…our hair survival guide to looking on trend and stylish. Festival season is here and as we watch the crowds on their way to festivals this summer we have put together the latest hair trends that will withstand the inevitable mud, rain and more rain! If you’re heading to a music festival or maybe your there already, you’re going to want to look super stylish and on trend for the few days that your there. Between heat, humidity and the wildness of festival style it can be hard to figure out how to look good and camp out for a few days. Here is our guide to looking ultra cool even if your just watching and soaking up the festival atmosphere or are looking forward to dominating the mosh pit.

Day one…Start the weekend with freshly washed hair. If you have not visited one of our salons for a festival proof do, then blow dry with lots of volume without using too much styling product as you don’t want it going greasy too quickly.

Day two…After a night at a festival you’re likely to wake up with your hair looking a little disheveled, so now is the time to reach for the dry shampoo. Depending on your hair type you might be able to get away with keeping your hair down, or to change the look add a headband or hair accessory. If this is not for you try playing with your natural hair texture. Tent-life is the perfect opportunity to experiment with this festival-chic style, embrace your Boho look with tousled waves to create this ultimate festival favourite.

Day three…By day three your hair is not going to be at it’s best! It is now the time to experiment with looks such as a fishtail, ponies or pull your hair completely off your face by creating festival Braids. The Spring/Summer catwalks were awash with twists, plaits and braids making this the perfect fashion inspired style to rescue hair for any festival. After two days of dancing, drinking and dodging the queue for the toilets, you need an effortlessly cool style that won’t let you down for the final day of partying. With your hair full of product and festival wear and tear this is the perfect base for creating the ultimate stylish festival top knot. Simply pull your hair into a high ponytail and twist the longer lengths into a bun, securing with an elastic then loosen the knot to give a softer distressed look.


Our pre-festival tips

Soft and natural…Why not visit the salon first for an amazing blow-dry, if you begin with hair perfection as it becomes more worn and lived in throughout the festival weekend it will still look shiny and in the best of health. Festival hair needs preparation, so think through your hair looks over the three days. Keeping your hair looking good with no water or electricity is challenging, so if you start with a good salon blow dry your hair stands a much better chance of looking great for longer!

Chalk hair colour…The hot new hair trend that will span summer and is on trend with the pastel tones that are so hot this season. If you are thinking of going for dip-dye on your hair but are worried about the commitment, or if you are just wanting to experiment with the latest catwalk inspired tones, then ‘Chalking’ could be for you! This is a DIY beauty trend that requires one thing only – a piece of coloured chalk. This ultra cool and modern hair trend gives an instant splash of colour to any hair colour without the commitment. Although home hair colour is a definite NO NO from our team of colour experts at Russell Eaton, however this technique is a great way of adding colour to your hair and keeping bang on trend. Take a look at the current Topshop campaigns where you can see cool pastel rose pinks shown as dip-dye. Chalk has been used throughout the ages as a beauty product, from lightening skin to keeping hair and wigs light and bright. It’s a cheap product and available in so many colours.

Wrap it up…Wrapping a stylish 50’s inspired head scarf or ribbon around your hair is fast and easy, all while keeping your hair in place and the sweat out of your eyes.

Festival hair: Celebrity Inspiration…It is possible to look good while camping and what better way to look fantastic than by copying some of celebland’s biggest festival queens. From Alexa Chung to Kate Bosworth and Rihanna these A-listers know how to wear the hottest festival looks, here are some of favourites:


Festival Hair accessories

Feather hair extensions...Celebs like Miley Cyrus, Drew Barrymore, Nicole Scherzinger and Selena Gomez have all been papped wearing feather hair extensions. This hot trend gives your look instant festival style whether long and boho or worn up and in a ultra cool top knot the feather extension trend is a must have look this year. The permanent extensions last up to three months but you can have them taken out and put back in whenever you want, or you can just buy and use them to acessorise any look you create.

The head band…Wearing a simple band to keep your hair back is one of the easiest ways to keep your hair in place and get a shot of boho cool at the same time. With so many festival insider bands around it is easy to give your hair numerous looks that come straight from the catwalk.

Spray to go…Festivals are what dry shampoo was made for and a quick ‘spray in, brush out’ will leave your greasy locks good to go. Batiste Dry Shampoo (£1.99) is one of our favourites and a must have for any festival weekend so if you haven’t already bought a can, get into Boots quick! And all you bottle blondies out there, the white and shimmer ones are great for covering up any pesky roots if you’ve not had time to pop to a salon! Other great ways to disguise lank hair are back-combing – big hair and lots of hairspray will distract from any grease-issues in no time, and it looks sexy and fun!


Our festival hair checklist:

Dry shampoo
An assortment of clips and accessories
A covered band for ponytails
Brush and comb
A wig, turban, hat or bandanna
A small hand mirror

Hope this helps you have a great festival weekend what ever the weather, we want to see your festival styles why not post your best pictures on our facebook page. Don’t forget to book back into the salon after your festival for a deep conditioning treatment to rescue your festival hair.

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