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I’m what you’d call a ‘huncher’. And by ‘huncher’ I mean, hunching up my neck and back when I’m working and storing a whole heap of tension in these heavy shoulders of mine. When some people they get stressed they stop eating (pah! never going to happen), some turn to the Merlot, others puff away on a chain of cigarettes. Me? I keep all the stress inside and it resonates in my body – my back to be specific – so I end up resembling quasimodo.

With the house-hunt not going as quite as planned down in London (I have three weeks left to find somewhere to live) and work being more manic than usual, I’ve found myself getting a dull, but constant, ache in my shoulders and neck. It probably doesn’t help that I work on a computer writing all day and I come home to blog, again sat in front of a computer. Plus, I also carry a super heavy bag around on my right shoulder everyday – I’ve tried to cut down the amount of stuff that I take around with me, I really have, but seriously, how is one supposed to survive without a purse, phone charger, camera, camera charger, vitamins, make-up, hair brush, business cards, pair of flats, notepad, pen, two pairs of sunglasses…and so the list goes on.

So I decided to take the plunge and book a massage. I have to be honest and tell you that, at first, I googled ‘Massage in Leeds’ and there were a number of establishments that came up which I definitely didn’t want. I decided a better route would be to ask my friends and was swiftly recommended to the Russell Eaton Salon in Leeds where they offer a Stress Fix Massage.

Now for those Leeds folks reading, if you haven’t come across Russell Eaton before then you’ll more than certainly recognise the building. At the bottom of Briggate on Bore Lane, the hairdressers and salon is sleek the moment you step through the door. I was greeted by Becki who was carrying out my treatment and led through the hair salon area (which made me want a cut and colour instantly), downstairs in the tranquil spa setting. All soothing sounds and relaxing scents, I was nearly asleep before I’d left the lounge area.

The treatment room itself was gorgeous, with candles, cushions and a super comfy bed to lay on. Once I was ready and in place – head through the hole of course – Becki got to work on my back. She instantly made me feel at ease and checked to see if the pressure was correct for the deep tissue part of the massage. I’ve only ever had two massages in my life and I can definitely say now, neither people before knew what they were doing. Spritzing a lavender, lavadin and clary sage scent all around me, I started to feel the tension disappear from my shoulders. The massage included both Swedish and deep tissue, and the only part I found ticklish at first was, weirdly, the back of calves but I soon got used to the sensation. I had so many knots in my right shoulder blade and it’s so nice to feel the difference between how I was before and how I am now.

The treatment overall lasted 30 minutes – 20 minutes on my back and 10 minutes on my legs – and as I realised Becki had come to end I scolded myself for not booking the 60 minute spot. I definitely want to book in one more time before I leave for London and perhaps treat myself to the hour long treatment now, although after seeing the gorgeous tresses coming out of the hair salon above, I think some kind of hair make-over might be needed first!

If you’re in the Leeds or West Yorkshire area then I’d highly recommend both the spa and the treatment. For more information on the Russell Easton Leeds city centre spa then visit the website here and follow the team on Twitter @RussellEaston_ and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/russelleatonhair

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