The perfect lunch time treat

DECEMBER 2012, Russell Eaton review: Nail treatment

I rarely post about beauty on my blog. I’m not one that tries out every product under the sun, once I find something I like I stick to it, so I guess I’d never really have much to say. Liz Earle and Mac have my whole heart and that’s all you need to know.

There’s something I’ve become a little addicted too… Gel colour nails. In any form really, Shellac, Gellish, OPI Gel Colour  . I’ve always had this problem with nail addictions. From about the age of 15 I wore acrylics, as I got older that grew old and I managed to grow out my horribly weak nails. Now I’d say I’m pretty lucky, my nails are strong and very healthy, but I got sick and tired of having to change the colour nearly every day because paint chips so easily and I like to clean (OCD & nail varnish = nightmare), and I HATE unpainted nails. Life couldn’t be easier with this amazing thing called gel colour, now I’m wondering what i’d do without it!
The lovely guys at Leeds salon Russell Eaton, invited me too try out a nail treatment. The salon is gorgeous and the staff lovely. I chose to have a gel removal and OPI Gel Colour as I hadn’t tried it before. It was really relaxing and I was giving water complemented with lemon, it’s the small things that make us happy right?
I chose to have Ink which is a purple-blue toned shade with tiny sparkles which you can only see under the light and I have to say almost two weeks later they’re still going strong! Cooking, cleaning, tapping on a keyboard for 8 hours a day and it’s not shifted! Very impressed.

I had a fantastic experience with the guys at Russell Eaton and will definitely be back, it’s so convenient as well because it’s based just up the road from work in the heart of the city centre! Perfect lunchtime treat.


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