Robert pattinson

This vampire heart throb quickly shot to fame as Edward Cullen in Twilight, his thick hair has a rugged texture and is often worn quite short on the sides with a lot of length throughout the top. This look is achieved with the use of a matte wax or a texturizing powder ruffled through and messed up with your hands, the messier the better, and sideburns optional!! For the launch of his new film Cosmopolis and his first outing since the scandal of his on and off screen girlfriend Kristin Stewart’s affair he chose a new, more dapper image, wearing a well tailored suit and slicking his hair back, he transformed himself into a much more grown up and groomed style icon, definitely our preferred look!

The cut is still very much the same, the sides being shorter and retaining the length on top, just laying off the texturising when cutting and opting for more of a blow-dried, polished finish with just a little product.

Whatever look he goes for he can do no wrong in our eyes and he is definitely a male celebrity to inspire all of you guys out there looking for a new cut. Our hair team in Leeds and Barnsley are experts in male hair cutting and barbering techniques and can inspire you with the latest mens hair cuts and styling techniques.


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