Kate winslet

The classic British beauty knows how to be stylish. She is known more for her Blonde locks which are usually subtly highlighted with a few honey and golden tones, bright and light but always natural and healthy looking, Kate keeps her colour fresh and is never seen with regrowth meaning her colour is not too far off her natural and she keeps up with maintenance, vital for blondes.

One of Kate’s most famous colours and looks was when she took up the role of Rose starring alongside Leonardo Decaprio in Titanic. Kate had beautifully coloured auburn hair with chestnut and rich red tones. Her hair was left long and naturally curled, often piled up in a chignon sticking to the 1900’s looks that we’re fashionable amongst the wealthy of those days.

Kate’s style has stayed almost the same throughout her years but she has known how to age gracefully as her length of hair has crept up ensuring it looks thick and healthy and age perfect. Kate’s catwalk style is often waved and put up into a loose up do, normally with height on the front pulling it off her face to show off her delicate bone structure and typical English rose looks. Kate has shown she’s a girl who knows what suits her and sticks to classic styles that flatter, although we could criticise for never stepping outside the box she also never gets it wrong, not a bad thing with some of the hair disasters big celebs often make!


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