Pastel Hair Chalking

The hot new hair trend that will span summer and A/W12. If you are thinking of going for dip-dye on your hair but are worried about the commitment, or if you are just wanting to experiment with the latest catwalk inspired tones, then ‘Chalking’ could be for you! This is a DIY beauty trend that requires one thing only – a piece of coloured chalk.

This ultra cool and modern hair trend gives an instant splash of colour to any hair colour without the commitment. Although home hair colour is a definite NO NO from our team of colour experts at Russell Eaton, however this technique is a great way of adding colour to your hair and keeping bang on trend. Take a look at the current Top Shop campaigns where you can see cool pastel rose pinks shown as dip-dye.

Chalk has been used throughout the ages as a beauty product, from lightening skin to keeping hair and wigs light and bright. It’s a cheap product and available in so many colours.


Our Hair Chalking Tutorial:

Step 1: Visit your nearest arts and crafts shop and look for good quality wax chalk. With so many colours available there is a colour combination for every hair type and colour.

Step 2: This technique is great for many hair lengths but is particular good on longer hair. For darker shades dampen the hair slightly to create a stronger more intense feel. We love this look on lighter hair and blondes, it can work really well with pinks, violets and pale blue tones, the combinations are endless.

Step 3: Finish your hair as normal with a little heat from irons or tongs, this locks in the tone for a longer lasting colour.