Jennifer Anniston

There is probably no celebrity name that is mentioned more in the hairdressing chair than Jen’s. From the infamous 90’s ‘the Rachel’ layered cut, to the poker straight 00’s look and the one length bob, Jen’s the girl we can always relate to with her ready to wear styles.

The colour normally sits somewhere around the caramel area with a few hazelnut slices throughout, mirroring her natural base level. The perfect blonde tone that still leaves you looking bright but with very little regrowth. However it is important to remember that warm and golden blondes are not for everyone, so if you are considering this look make sure you have a warm skin tone, hazel or green eyes also look amazing with this colour, our team of colour specialists in Leeds and Barnsley are some of the best in Yorkshire so bob along to either salon for a complimentary consultation to help find the perfect blonde for you.

Jennifer is not averse to mixing it up a bit although still maintains her classical style. Last year she embraced the summer sun by sporting an icy blonde bob, it didn’t last too long, we’re guessing the roots were too much to handle!

Most recently Jen was taking a well earned European break and was seen strutting round Paris with her signature style, its mid length, its centre parted, its subtle natural highlights, the classic Jennifer Aniston!


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