Alexa Chung

The effortless cool that Alexa always achieves is to be admired. Her hair can probably claim to have reinvented one of the biggest colour trends in years, the ‘Ombre’, or more commonly referred to as, ‘Dip-Dye’ colour.

Alexa tends to stray away from the norm of of big bouncy blow-dries that most celebrities seem to love and opt for that more laid back tousled effect on her hair.

Alex’s hair seems to vary from mid-length to bobbed and currently has a short choppy fringe. It is hard not to love this relaxed east London vibe she seems to have about her styles, mimicking what most people seem to be wearing on the street right now. The look is low maintenance and less is more, but be warned theres a fine line between unkempt and just downright scruffy! Make sure hair is brushed through and clean before being scrunched and products applied, using irons to create kinks and tongs for waves then messed up with your hands to avoid looking more tramp than cool!

In regards to colour, ask your Russell Eaton colour expert to gently lift and tone the ends of your hair and apply a rich brown gloss to the roots smudged through the mid lengths so the colour blends well. Still bang on trend and versatile, come autumn you can change the blonde of the ends to a copper or red to take the look through all seasons.


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