Meryl Streep


This oscar wining actress is a good example of how you can have longer hair over 50! Staying true to her roots Meryl has opted to just enhance her naturally white hair with subtle tones and highlights that blend well and brighten and lift her skin tone. It is important to constantly change your colour and style, as the years progress so does your skin tone and even your eye colour can begin to look different, so keep updating your look and be brave, try new things to see if they work and use it as an opportunity to embrace a new style. The texture of your hair can change a lot also so vary the products you use and always spend more on a good shampoo and conditioner to protect your locks! Meryl also showed us how NOT to wear your hair in Mamma Mia, this is a good example of when hair is way too long and lacklustre! We prefer her with mid to bob length hair, a strong baseline to create thickness and just a few layers to enhance movement.





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