Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely

Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely

Theres no doubt this is one of the most coveted colours around. The combination of buttery blonde highlights and soft caramel tones creates a rich golden shine on her long locks.

Rosie has got it right by ensuring highlights are fine and fairly close to her natural base which is something we always recommend at Russell Eaton, not only does this ensure the colour looks natural, it eradicates any obvious regrowth and possibly most importantly maintains hairs strength, health and vibrancy meaning you get the high shine which is often lacking in blondes.

It is a good idea to always finish off highlights with a clear or lightly toned gloss, which is a semi permanent colour that seals the surface cuticle down and freshens the old highlights in the ends of the hair keeping a consistent shade throughout and once again, gives you the gloss and protection that lightened hair requires! Ask your Russell Eaton colourist for subtle, natural and warm highlights, preferably a full head, working within 2-3 shades of you natural colour to achieve this look.

When it comes to styling keep the layers long and the base line strong to keep the fullness in the ends, go for a full bodied blow-dry with a large round brush. If your hair is naturally straight finish it by setting hair in large barreled tongs and brush out with a soft bristled brush to create that relaxed hollywood glamour! Why not book in for an Eaton blowdry school, the perfect way to recreate your own celebrity inspired look.


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