Ring finger nails

The ultimate manicure trend is the ‘Ring Finger Nails’! Overseas celebrities love this idea and it’s called ‘Ring finger nail polish’, or ‘Accent Nail Manicure’ and it’s the newest nail-trend born in the USA. As the name itself suggests, it is simply to paint your ring finger nail with a different colour or design than other fingers that will all have the same colours. It can be contrasting colours, different chromatic prints, patterns or even glitter! The trends comes directly from the Vivienne Westwood runways and Leighton Denny – number one expert in the nail field who invented it.

Celebs have also decided to give a glam touch to their nails and their looks. Beyoncé has indulged in the trend and has recently performed with a pastel pink nail polish on all nails except on her ring finger, enhanced in a beautiful light turquoise.


Some say this new way to colour nails is above all a way to send a message to eventual suitors, stating: “I’m free”. But what is certain is that the ‘ring finger nail polish’ trend is becoming increasingly popular, with everyone, from single ladies to those in a relationship. Whether you’re single or not, if you’re a self-ruling woman this chic style will certainly make your nails stand out, and all nail fashionistas know that it is a must have trend.

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