Emily’s holiday hair tips

It’s that time of year again when some of us will be escaping the wet British summer and jetting off for some sun! As much as we love our time away there’s no escaping that the humidity, chlorine and U.V rays play havoc with our hair, Here is our simple guide to keeping your locks healthy, your colour protected and even manage to inject some style whether its Brighton or Barbados your heading to this year!

ITS ALL ABOUT PROTECTION…Just as we use sunscreen to protect our skin we also need it to look after our hair, most hair care ranges carry a sun veil that with just a few spritz a day can help block out damaging UV rays, reducing colour fade and more importantly protecting our delicate scalps!

AFTER SUN…The same goes for after care the salt water and chlorine can leave hair feeling dry and brittle so it’s vital to remove build up and restore moisture, the best way is to use a deep cleansing shampoo followed some serious conditioning. A masque is best as its designed to penetrate right through the core of your hair leaving it feeling soft and silky and restoring strength.

There’s no reason style should suffer in the heat so stay on trend with these 3 quick and easy to do styles –

MAKING WAVES…The best bit about beach hair is the natural curling effect of the salt water so make the best of this by carrying some spray on leave in conditioner in your bag and once your finished your dip in the sea, rake it through the ends of your hair to eliminate frizz and lightly scrunch and twist the ends – let your hair dry naturally and voila – beach waves made easy!

GRECIAN GODESS…Turn your look for daytime to full blown glamour by adding some stylish braids to your hair, this will be made super easy by existing waves or day old hair, if it’s freshly washed make sure you apply some styling product to help give grip. Simply section off the front of your hair from just behind the ears and starting at one side begin to plait the hair, slowly working across to the other ear and continually adding more hair as you go. Secure with a grip at the side and leave the rest of the hair down wavy, or pin into a loose side bun for a more evening do feel!

SLICK CHIGNON…This look is bound to turn heads, it’s best achieved from damp hair. Using a gel based product apply generously through the hair using your hands. Add in a centre part for a more catwalk feel or side parting if you prefer something softer, twist the hair into a centre point in the nape then wrap around into a bun, secure with grips as you go, as the hair dry’s the gel will help add texture to style.

Then when you get back from your trip make sure you book in for a good cut and intensive treatment to maintain your hairs health take a look at our extensive range of treatments.


Emliy x

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