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With summer fast approaching it’s time to start prepping your locks to make sure you look beach-fabulous come holiday time. As the sun comes out so should your hair colour, no matter what its tone and at Russell Eaton we can help give your tresses a seasonal lift through a variety of indulgent and nourishing colour treatments.

For those after a complete summer transformation we’d recommend the ‘Iconic Blonde’ look. Think of celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow who sport clean, bright and all-over colour with highlights running throughout. Typically suited to those with a natural medium brown tone and lighter, we can work with you to create the best blonde shade for your complexion.

If it’s a natural, beachy look you’re after then try a ‘Beige Chic’ tone, inspired by the muted, luxurious colour currently found in fashion magazines. This beautiful and expensive looking colour gives the hair a blended and glossy sheen and compliments the nude, flawless make-up trend that lends itself so well to the summer months. Suitable for most skin tones, ask in salon for your personal consultation.

To give your hair a subtle summer glow try a ‘Luminous Lights’ look, inspired by luminescent make-up to really bring out your skin tone. This technique involves applying a woven lightening colour in a soft tone to the hair along with a radiant lightener in the fine sections for a natural, yet lifted appearance.

For bolder highlights inspired by the sultry looks of Brigitte Bardot, ‘The Sun Goddess of St. Tropez’ look will give you golden glints that reflect beautifully in sunlight. Enhancing your existing colour, the technique involves adding natural looking highlights to bring out the best sheen for your complexion.

If it’s a bold statement you’re looking to make on holiday, why not indulge in an edgy makeover with a ‘Tie dye’ look. By developing a strong grown out colour with really lightened ends and deeper roots, even simple summer hair styles will be transformed with this young, chic and modern look.

With all these options at your finger tips, maybe you’re not sure which summer transformation is right for you? Just come in to one of our lifestyle salons for a free consultation with our creative experts – we look forward to seeing you soon!"creative"creative"creative"creative"creative"creative

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